Living The Barcelona Life

In Spain by Eller Student

The past few weeks have been amazing. Between figuring out the metro, where I work, and how to communicate with people was very challenging but also an exciting journey. My train ride is about 40 minutes every morning, and I leave for work at the same time the people of Barcelona do as well. So I get to experience what it would feel like and look like to work in Barcelona. In my office, my boss and I only speak spanish to each other, only speaking English if I don’t understand. Being forced to work and speak in an environment where I can only speak spanish is such an amazing treat. I love the Spanish language and taking actual spanish classes would not teach me or refresh my skills as much as this experience does. I am doing the research to help my boss design an architecture guiding company. It is so exciting to be able to help create something like this. With this task, I also need to take photographs of influential architecture throughout Barcelona which means I will be able to explore the whole city and experience more of the culture for work, which is amazing. I am so excited to explore the city even more so than I already have.
-Devon Greenburg