London Internship Assignment 1

In England by Eller Student

Originally I interviewed with a luxury lingerie company name Myla, prior to the interview I researched the company by closely reading and looking over their website, Facebook page, as well as googling articles on the company and finding my supervisor and interviewer on Linked-in. Despite my preparation I was only interviewed for 10 minutes and the interview was more informing me about the position rather than asking me questions and getting to know me. Ultimately, I was not offered the internship because they didn’t think I was knowledgeable enough on their brand. Unsurprised by the outcome of the interview, I was a bit taken aback by their reasoning for not hiring me. I thought this was weird considering the extensive research I did prior to the interview and the fact that I had minimal opportunities to show my knowledge and potential during my short time with the interviewer. Fortunately, I had the opportunity to meet with the shoe company Miss L Fire on Tuesday of the following week. I immediately felt comfortable talking to the two women in the office and we chatted for about an hour about many different things, including the company and myself. They informed me that they were in the process of not only moving offices that week, but also opening their first store in LasAngeles. Because of everything they have going on right now they told me that they didn’t need me regularly until the 15th of July and we worked out some dates prior to then where I could come in and help. I am very excited to work for this company and I know I am going to have a great experience.