Lucy Choi London Internship

In England by Eller Student

I remember the anticipation and anxiety pulsating through my veins all too well as I rushed off to interview with my boss not even two full days after arriving in London.  Not only was I traveling by tube for the first time ever and also by myself, but the fact that I was interning with the niece of acclaimed shoe designer Jimmy Choo was intimidating enough.  When the tube dumped me off at my stop I knew there was no turning back.  My nerves started to disappear when I looked around at the beautiful area I was in and the street I was walking on lined with swanky shops and restaurants.  I then started to realize that this would be my life for the next eight weeks, and I was more than okay with it.

As I sat in the warm and inviting studio surrounded by the most stunning collection of shoes my anxiety slowly but surely turned to excitement.  When designer Lucy Choi finally made her entrance, I immediately felt at ease.  She was so welcoming and nature, her presence was most definitely refreshing.  As we started conversing about the next two months I would be working for her she could not stress enough how much she wanted my experience at Lucy Choi London to be the best possible experience. As an intern, knowing that your boss is so attentive and wants to see you do well is so appreciated.

I could not imagine that my first week interning at Lucy Choi London going any better than it did.  The studio is fairly small, but the four other ladies I work with are lovely.  Each one of them is so friendly and will help me with anything I need.  I have already learned so much in just two and a half days.  For instance, I have learned how to complete press releases and prepare the paperwork for web orders and such.  My goal now is to memorize her entire line and all of the styles of shoes that she has created.  I am more than excited to begin week two, for I found like I have found a temporary home at Lucy Choi London.