Matthew Powell Journal #1 London

In England by Eller Student

Matthew A. Powell

Mr. Villiers-Stuart

Journal Entry #1

Group B- Arizona Eller


Journal Entry #1

     Prior to my placement interview with AVOTRA I knew I had much to learn. I would have to familiarize myself with the British market and AVOTRA. The company’s product is a cloud-based software that focuses on logistics and transportation for the chauffeur, taxi, and trucking industries. This was initially concerning as I had never been in the software industry before.

The interview consisted of a lunch meeting with my site supervisor in London for AVOTRA, Mr. Kelly. I immediately identified Mr. Kelly as a natural entrepreneur and a business professional. An American himself, we began our interview discussing the differences and similarities between the American and United Kingdom markets. Mr. Kelly and I found more common ground when we both discovered our passion for the automotive industry. AVOTRA, focused on automotive fleet management. This element would pair nicely with my background in the automotive industry.

My internship began on Monday, June 17th. Mr. Kelly wasted no time in putting my skills and abilities to the test. By the end of the day, I was performing beta testing on his recently developed iPhone application called CBE, Consolidated Booking Exchange. I also worked along side his software developer Mr. Htet. Tuesday and Wednesday brought additional challenges and pressed my skills and abilities even further. Mr. Kelly was away from the office during the week for a business matter. This required me to learn to adapt to working and communicating remotely from home. Every hour I had to keep in contact with Mr. Kelly to keep him up to date on the CBE testing progress. Wednesday was followed by more exciting challenges as I had to continue to rely on Mr. Htet’s knowledge and assistance in order to successfully complete all the testing that Mr. Kelly assigned to me.

I am extremely excited to enhance my business skill set over the following eight weeks. Mr. Kelly and Mr. Htet are experienced and driven entrepreneurs who I undoubtedly have a great amount to learn from. The software industry is very dynamic and if one cannot adapt to new challenges, it can be very intimidating. However, I am confident that with Mr. Kelly and Mr. Htet’s experience, I will have an invaluable internship experience.

-Matthew A. Powell