Mittelstaedt Journal #1- June 21

In England by Eller Student

Mittelstaedt, Journal #1

Matt Mittelstaedt

Journal Entry #1

Group B-Arizona Eller



The staff supervisor interview was the first process I needed to complete in order to begin my internship. I am interning with London Sports Trust and my staff supervisor, Ulick Tarabanov, met with me Tuesday, June 11th to make my placement official. We briefly got to know each other, reviewed my CV and went over how the charity works and its expansion goals for the next three years. Ulick explained to me that I would be helping coordinate the summer camps LST would be putting on in July and August as well as aiding in developing a business plan to present to potential corporate sponsors. LST is planning to gain a corporate sponsor for funding over the next three years and creating a business plan showing the long-term goals of the charity is the first step in doing so.

On my first day of work, I arrived at the office and performed administrative tasks including installing Microsoft Office onto a work computer and consolidating staff contact information into an Excel Spreadsheet. I then began to help planning and coordinating the four summer camps that will later be put on during the summer. This involved scheduling staff to work, outlining a schedule of activities for the camps, and determining the necessary equipment and availability of equipment needed to carry out the different camps. My first day ended with some actual sport session instruction with the kids.

My second day of work began with accounting work as I reconciled the organization’s books. I then returned to working on the summer camp planning and coordinating tasks for the remainder of the day. My final day consisted of further planning and coordinating the camps and finalizing schedules and staff outlines. In my first week, I found that staff members at the London Sports Trust are given a task or project at the beginning of the week and expected to complete them throughout the course of the day or week, depending on how extensive they are. It is very much a group-oriented environment, as I completed my scheduling tasks with another staff member named Sam. The office consists of four staff members and myself. It is a very laid back and relaxed atmosphere and the staff members often converse about their personal and weekend lives during work. While it is a very relaxed environment, a lot of work still gets done and the staff members remain very professional. Everyone realizes that work is the most important reason they are there and remain efficient and effective even when conversing. The staff members are all very friendly and were very open to me when I came in at the beginning of the week. So far, I am very happy with my placement and the kind of work I am doing.