Monsoon Internship

In England by Eller Student

MONSOON – Accessorize

            When I discovered who my internship would be with this summer I was a little worried. I looked up the company, Monsoon, right away. After searching through their website I didn’t find myself attracted to the clothes, which seemed to be solely for woman ages 30 to 40. However, I greatly underestimated Monsoon.

I walked into my interview in a simple black dress, a black blazer and cheetah loafers. I was told to dress business smart, another thing that put me off because I believe, working in the fashion industry I should be allowed to dress however I want to express myself and my creativity. I waited to meet my supervisor Hayley Walsh. After waiting about 20 minutes she finally walked out of her office and introduced herself to me. She came out in light washed jeans and a peasant blouse, definitely not business smart. But her demeanor was instantly relaxed and she made me feel very comfortable. I told her about my background working in the fashion industry, most importantly doing PR and marketing for South Coast Plaza in Orange County. My job there almost exactly applied to the work I would be doing at Monsoon. Then we proceeded to talk about London, clothes, social networks and personal style. Possibly the best interview I’ve had, I was really excited to start the following Monday.

Walking into work the first day, I was dressed much more comfortably. And got to work right away. Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday my job first thing is to go through the newspapers and magazines and look for mentions of Monsoon or their accessories company Accessorize. My other job was to organize the showroom, filled with amazing clothes from their Spring/Summer 2013 and Autumn/Winter 2013 collections. I looked around the room and realized I would buy absolutely everything in this room and I had completely underestimated how cute, stylish and young Monsoon as a brand was. My boss then proceeded to tell me to pick whatever I wanted out of the showroom for free. I walked home with two huge bags of jewelry, clothes and bags. I may be doing grunt work, but I am learning a lot from watching my bosses and realizing a job in PR and marketing is what I want to do with my life.