Omni Local Internship

In England by Eller Student

When I arrived at the New Malden train station I was surprised to see a suburban area. The walk to my interview calmed my nerves because it was through a quiet park area that felt very safe. My interview was very informal. John asked me about previous experience and we discussed what he wanted me to learn from him this summer. He was very upfront about all the tasks I would be completing and concerned with making sure the internship description met my expectations. I am currently working on a business plan for a four-day comedy festival John would like to hold in October 2013 in aid of Love Kingston. I have previous experience building presentations for non-profit organizations, so this week was a simple transition into the office environment at Omni Local.


Although I wish I had other co-workers to create more of an office environment, I believe working with John will teach me a lot about networking and event planning. Thus far I have already learned how to break down an idea and successfully layout a timeline of events. Prior to John’s help I have been thrown into projects that are scattered and I have had to organize them with little direction. I learned quickly from him because he had the patience to sit with me and show me how to get my thoughts written down, and focus on what is most important to get the desired result. I am grateful for his help and I am looking forward to seeing this event through until the end.