Shocks of a New Culture

In China by Eller Student

By Chelsea Goergen
I have gotten a chance to do a lot of exploring and have been having a great time. It is like freshman year again living in the dorms and there has been a lot of surprises! They do not give you water with your dinner and if you ask it is hot water and there is no ice. I have never been in this hot of weather in my life you sweat every time you walk outside. The meals here are perfect size compared to home which is massive. I am surprised that most people cannot speak that great of English or English at all. The alcohol here is either the same or cheaper than water bottles at restaurants. They have crazy beautiful malls and everything is so organized here. They also walk on different sides then we do and their escalators are on opposite side. On the bright side there is a lot of cool restaurants and places to eat. I have done about 8 miles a day of walking and haven’t even seen as much as I want to yet. We went to the Dragon Boat races on Wednesday which is a national holiday here so we got work off and it is like the Nascar of China!
Until next time!