Sleepless in Hong Kong

In China by Eller Student

-Shunchen Cao



For some reason, my flight keep delaying. So I am a little bit frustrated when I arrived in Hong Kong. Even if is mid-night when my flight landed in the Hong Kong airport, I found a sleep room in the Hong Kong airport. Otherwise, I could not imagine how terrible I would face. I heard about the most beautiful time of Hong Kong is mid-night, the whole city looks like a paradise under the lights. It cannot use any words to describe that kind of scene. If you come to here to take a look the city you would see many skyscrapers reflect a wonderful scene under those lights.

It is very impressive me of this panoramic view from the Taiping mountain. Actually, many people will become crazy once they are living at here. MTR can go every place you want, including shopping malls, tourists attractions and the most important is the restaurants. Although it is raining all the day, I still enjoy this beautiful place. Off course, I am also getting crazy in Hong Kong.