Sleepwalking through Summer

In China by Eller Student

Have you ever had those times where you are just going through the motions? I know I have. My past few summers have been all the same. Finish school, come home, and drift through summer in a sleepy haze with little to show for it in the fall. I am determined to make this summer different and I believe I am off to a good start (I am currently writing this entry at a cyber cafe in Taiwan).

This summer there I have a list of things I would love to accomplish during my time in Hong Kong. I want to develop professionally thanks to the internship I am working at. I want to see the sights and tour the locations that have made Hong Kong famous. However, most of all I want to end the summer knowing that I have done something worthwhile with my time. I want to feel like I have a story to tell when I see my friends back on campus. I want to wake from my perpetually summer sleepwalking.