super crowded place

In China by Eller Student


Hong Kong is like everyone say “New York on steroid”. It is a shopping heaven for girls, everywhere you go is a shopping center. You can find a cheapest thing to the most expensive product that you can imagine. Beside shopping, Hong Kong has the most interesting food selection, you can find very traditional Hong Kong cuisine, as the same time you could find all type of cuisine from around the world.

I been in Hong Kong for a week but it is very hard for me to classify Hong Kong culture. It is a well diversify city that you can never give it an identity like any other place that you visit in the world. In such a small area, you could hear 3 to 5 different languages that speaking as the same time; Although, most of them are able to speak English.

Although, Hong Kong is very crowded through out the day but it is has the most convenient transportation around the world. You can get from one island to another island very quickly by its MTR systems.