The Barcelona Life By: Sam Shapiro

In Spain by Eller Student

I’ve been here in Barcelona for two weeks now and it’s been a lot of fun. The culture here is very different from the US people are much more laid back and do things in a much slower pace. I have noticed that the eating habits here are much different. Though the food is very good the servings are very small. It has made me realize how much bigger everything in America is, from the cars, the food, and even the beds.

Every day during the week I have been interning at Artelista. Artelista is a company that sells art online all around the world. It is a place for artist to post their own work to either sell original paintings or prints. At work I’ve creating a presentation to help bring in more business from the US. I am also posting a lot of pictures on Pinterest which is suppose to help more people find out about Artelista and potentially sell more.



My office building