The Art of Multitasking

In England by Eller Student

This past week at work was the largest example yet of the differences between the business culture in the United States and in the United Kingdom. I am a very sequential worker when it comes to whatever job I am currently doing. No matter how long the list is, I always move one step at a time, checking off tasks as I complete them. These past three days, I have been forced to forgo my previous patterns, in favor of a synchronic style of work.

I have had five projects given to me this past week. All of them are due next Wednesday, which is the final day of work for my manager. As we desperately work to finish all of the reports that need to be filled out, finished, and filled, I realize that I cannot fully complete even one of my projects without putting work into all of my projects. I could no longer check my reports off one by one, instead I had to work on all of them simultaneously.

Although this aggravated me at first because I felt like I wasn’t making any progress, today I realized that I truly enjoyed this synchronic method of work much more than my typical sequential style. Although it took longer to see results of my work, when I took a step back to evaluate the work that I had done, and I realized that I was over half done with all of the projects that needed to be completed. If I had worked sequentially this week, I most likely would have been done with only two.