Shoelace Belts

In England by Eller Student

These past three days were the first days out in the real world for me. Originally, I had mixed feelings about working for Sevennine13 as a marketing intern. Not having any expertise in the marketing field makes me feel slightly uncomfortable, especially when they asked me to draft up a marketing strategy for their shoelace belts. The product itself is bizarre, I am literally selling belts made out of shoelaces for snowboarders, could that get any more specific?

The office environment is not what I expected. The first day was uncomfortable when no one introduced themselves to me (some woman did not even notice I was there until I got up to leave for the day) and all the employees barely even talked to each other, spending hours on end in front of their computers. However, by day two I became obsessed with the environment. Other people in the program have nothing but complaints about their bosses and duties, while I have the most relaxed bosses who cuss and talk about their hangovers. I get to spend all day looking at snowboarding videos and finding skateboard exhibitions, all while jamming out to indie music.

The whole idea of going to work in London blows my mind. I am in awe that I take the tube everyday to work – I know the Piccadilly Line like the back of my hand – and catch drinks with friends after work. It is only week two of living in London and I already think I never want to live anywhere else.