A Slow Period

In England by Eller Student

This has been a slow week for 7/9/13. For the first time since I started working here, my boss lacked tasks for me as we gear up and prepare for what I have been told will be a busy approaching week. Not only do we not have much to do, the unbearable heat – especially in the non-air conditioned office – has made everyone sluggish. This slow period has given me time to notice the smaller differences in work cultures. My office lacks any sort of dress code, since day one I was told the dress was “casual”. I took that as the American casual, which is still rather conservative. Here, people throw all caution to the wind and wear the most cooling things for the weather, whether it is a mini-skirt, flip-flops, or strappy tanks.

My bosses are beginning to trust me more and more with tasks. Originally, I was the research, excel spreadsheet, and social media intern. Now, they assign me high-profile tasks such as putting together full book presentations for distributors, executing public relations, and taking midday field trips around London to printing companies. I felt very European while trying to find the best price for the booklets. Instead of rushing around and haggling different companies, I took my time and held constant communication with one branch manager. In developing a more personal relationship and not rushing around throwing numbers and quotes at each other, I managed to cut my company a deal and save us a large sum of money. This experience just solidified how the synchronic British culture is more effective than the sequential American way.