Adapting to Spanish Time

In Spain by Eller Student

By Robert Roberto

A month ago, today, I remember being dropped off at the PHX airport with a few friends on my program thinking, “is this really happening?” The days of counting down until my departure to the fascinating city of Barcelona had finally arrived, after several months of anticipation. My journey began on June 1, 2013 and as I am writing this on July 1, 2013 it feels as if I had blinked and a month of time has passed by. Four weeks into my summer internship and I have adapted to the Spanish business culture, gone site seeing like a tourist, navigated the town as a local, and tested my comfort zone.

Reflecting week by week on what I have been able to witness and experience in the past month cannot be described in a blog post. Upon arriving the week/weekend of June 1, I was able to immerse myself in a more relaxed corporate business structure, revolved around limited stress, become an expert at public transportation, and learn the do’s and don’ts of Spain by the Catalonians. Each week at work I have been challenged to deal with research based on brand interaction with consumers through the use of technology, improve my companies social media strategy, and work in the behind the scenes of the creation of a new Spanish business. My internship has improved my understanding and adaptability of global markets, and I intend to use the knowledge I gain daily in my future business endeavors.

Not to be confused, I did not come to Barcelona just for work, I wanted to experience life in foreign countries and appreciate parts of the world I have never seen. So far my travels have consisted of the outskirt of the city in Barcelona (Balletera) where we live, Prague, Ibiza, and Carcassonne (South of France). Each destination has its own unique beauty and atmosphere. For the remainder of my stay in Europe when I am not working I can be found exploring the streets of Pamplona, great land of the Netherlands & Rome, and relaxing on the beach in Ibiza.


Barce 13

Magic Fountain