Away to Cebu

In China by Eller Student

Whale Shark

This past weekend was our first ‘free” one.  Meaning we had no planned events through our program.  A group of 8 of us decided to take Friday off to travel to Cebu, Philippines.  This was my first time to the Philippines.  With many resemblances to less developed countries I have been to in central America there was little culture shock for me.

The first day we got in we took a three hour bus ride to Oslob, Cebu where we swam with whale sharks, had a native lunch, and then continued to a local waterfall location.  The following day we went to the statue in Lapu Lapu in Cebu where the fight for independence took place. The last day we spent relaxing on the beach as we prepared for another busy week in the office.

Until next time,


Adam Berry