Back to Work

In China by Eller Student

Horse racing at the Happy Valley Jockey Club has finally came to an end for the year. While visiting one of the most exciting outdoor sporting events one last time, we realized we are 3 weeks away from returning home. I am half way through not only my summer in Hong Kong, but also my job here as a Financial Advisor Assistant at Solomon.


That being said, my work load for these coming weeks has increased substantially. I am beginning to put together a presentation for my first group of portfolios. After spending the first couple weeks getting to know the different international fund options available to clients, I finally have the opportunity to use my own knowledge to arrange a conservative, moderate, and aggressive portfolio to present to my coworkers. I am happy to finally have the opportunity to practice everything that I’ve learned and have a serious hands-on project that will benefit me and my financial background. This is a learning experience that I could never receive in a classroom and am looking forward to getting feedback!