Becoming a Local

In England by Eller Student

The organization I am working for actually matches the description of a guided missile quite well. Separately, the finance, creative, and client services departments fulfill their task which all comes together to please a client with a specific job, such as an awareness pamphlet for a non-profit agency. These individualistic ways of completing the same job is successful because each department can focus on their specialty to get the most productive results. One of my co-workers in the finance department has an apprenticeship with Other for a whole year. After, he will go on to what is equivalent to our MBA program, while still working for Other for the next three years. This expertise he will eventually attain is just an example of how skilled each sector of the company is. The creative employees attend workshops and training classes to enhance their skills, enhancing the company as a whole.

The only difference between the guided missile structure and Other is that relationships are not expendable. My co-workers value their friendships and casual encounters throughout the day whilst getting the job done. This atmosphere increases job satisfaction, productivity, and therefore client satisfaction with the end product. Although somewhat unorganized filing, the company completes everything very efficiently and the final product is successful. This is perfect for me because to learn, I need visuals as well as a specific and direct explanation of what to do and why I am doing it. Whenever I am giving a task, I ask questions as to why this is being done and who better to ask then the experts I work with. Although not what I expected, I am learning a great deal.