Being a BarcaLOCAL

In Spain by Eller Student

by Amy Doherty

Leaving Barcelona on Saturday was definitely bittersweet. While I was very excited to see my loved ones at home, I had also become very fond of the city. Feeling like a local by the end of the trip was my favorite part – I had my favorite restaurants, had made friends with local shop owners, and knew some good routes to walk through the city. It was saying goodbye to these little details that really pulled on my heart strings.

Some of my favorite aspects of Barcelona were public transportation (hear me out on this one!), all the variety within shops and stores, and the natural elements. Coming from Arizona, it was awesome that we could get anywhere within Barca and its surrounding towns using a train line, metro line, or trolley car. While the 40 min ride to and from the city got tiring, it gave me time to read – something I never have the time or opportunity to do at home, so I made the most of that experience. As for the shops, restaurants, and bars – I loved that you could find the most expensive designer brands, the wildest night clubs, and the biggest and most beautiful ocean in Barcelona while also being able to find hole-in-the-wall shops, quaint boutiques, and hill filled mountains nearby. Barcelona really does have something to offer everyone and I think that’s why everyone fell in love with it. A part of Barcelona will always remain in my heart, and one day in the (hopefully near) future, I will definitely find a way to return.

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