Run for Your Life

In Spain by Eller Student

Run For Your Life

Well hello blog, we meet again. I know the title of this blog is quite enticing, but we will get to that in a moment. Over these past few weeks, I finally feel like a have started to become a local. I now know what metra or bus I need to take anywhere and I feel like I could do it with my eyes closed at this point. I have started being able to give directions to people that have come up and asked, which is a pretty big deal for me being that my lack of directional skills is my biggest weakness without a doubt. The only thing that I feel I really have left to check off my list as far as sightseeing goes is Camp Nou which I am actually going to see right when I am done with work. Speaking of work, everything is going very smoothly and we are already starting to get hits on our US website without any social media exposure or Google AdWord use. This is exciting and the future of Kampoos in the United States is looking promising! Okay now I’ve already taken up a lot of time here so I’ll make the explanation of the title brief. The short story is last weekend I went to Pamplona for the opening weekend of Running of the Bulls, and yes, I ran. What an experience to say the least. The entire city of Pamplona and San Fermin comes to a complete halt for this festival. The opening ceremony was one of my favorite parts because the anticipation and excitement for the upcoming running is palpable in the air. After showers of sangria, the actual running is the next day and it was opening day when we were there. The run is quite the adrenaline rush to say the least. Running away from thousand pound animals with giant horns is no joke when you are actually standing right next to them and they are running past you at about 30 miles per hour. Now that I am sitting here writing this blog injury free, I can honestly say it was the coolest experience I have had in my life thus far. This next picture is the crew and the calm before the storm, or stampede rather.970934_10200224092665404_1395895333_n