Internship Breakthrough

In England by Eller Student

Brandon Hecke

July 5, 2013

Journal 2

Reflection 2

            This week was a very important and pivotal week for me as I had a breakthrough in my global internship.  Entering the week I felt as if I was both inadequate and unqualified to do my job.  My title at Virtual Human Resources is a “marketing intern” but I often felt as if I had just been their graphic design intern.  For the first two weeks, I spent countless hours designing company brochures, handouts, etc in Adobe Photoshop.  Though I recognize that this is part of marketing, my limited skills in Photoshop often discouraged me as I tried to complete these various tasks.  Furthermore, I view myself as a very innovative and creative person, and I felt as if these skills were being overlooked and unrecognized.  But this week turned out to be a great week for a number of reasons.

Firstly, although working in Photoshop does often frustrate and discourage me, I actually realized that I am quite good at designing things in Photoshop, which will someday make me a more viable marketing employee.  Secondly, I have started to build great relationships with my boss and some of the other interns who work at the company.  Virtual Human Resources has three other interns working for them, one from the UK, Germany, and another fellow American.  My boss has also been thrilled and appreciative of my work and seems to really trust me after I turned in my last assignment.  But most importantly, I am starting a new project where I am helping update and redesign the website with new, exciting content.  This assignment is right up my alley because it allows me to be both creative and innovative in helping the company expand its domestic and global reach.  I also really enjoy this assignment because it makes me feel like I am making a difference at my company because websites are such a vital marketing tool in today’s digital world.