Struggle and Frustration in the Work Place

In England by Eller Student

Brandon Hecke

Journal 4

July 18, 2013

Reflection 4

            The past week at Virtual Human Resources has been both frustrating and a good learning experience.  My boss, Danny, has been out of the office on holiday for the past week, and I have struggled to substantially make any progress on my current projects.  For example, one of my current assignments is to design the company’s e-brochure and a twenty-page PDF brochure for a November trade show in Dubai.  While the task at hand is daunting enough as is, the absence of my boss has made it near impossible.  Danny is looking for a new, slick, and innovative brochure that uses a blend of images and text to convey the company vision and client services.  Though I understand the assignment at hand, it has been impossible to make any progress on it because I am not sure what text and pictures he would like in the brochure from the current website.  Additionally, the other director at the company, Paul, gave me some guidance on the brochure, but when Danny got back, he did not like what Paul had suggested.  Needless to say, my two days worth of work had to be scraped, and I had to start over.

Another frustrating aspect to the past week was that I ran out of assignments to do.  Although this was not ideal, what frustrated me more was that my manager Ian Preddy got upset at me for not working when I had nothing to do.  For some reason, I report to Ian, though Danny is the one who gives me assignments.  Therefore, it is frustrating when Ian gets mad at me for not working when he really has no idea what my assignments are.  At the end of the day, I can definitely do a better job of keeping my cool and simply communicating with Ian more.  This week has been frustrating in many ways, but learning to deal with various authority figures is a really valuable learning experience.