Company Pitch Meeting

In Spain by Eller Student

“After spending 6 weeks in this beautiful city I have found myself falling more in love with it by the day. Not only do I get to observe famous architecture on my walk to work everyday, but when I arrive to work I am greeted with a smile and positive attitude from my co-workers, which is something that speaks to me coming from the United States.
This past week I was able to sit-in on a meeting between my company and a potential client, Turkish Airlines, pitching our Sports Marketing services to them as they are trying to become more involved in the golf scene. It was so interesting to me how these meetings take place, and how similar they are to the presentations we perfrom in Eller at UA! I love my work environment and the people at my internship at YouFirstSports! I don’t want to leave!” 4-up on 2013-07-23 at 11.15