Cultural Difference

In England by Eller Student

MONSOON – Accessorize

                  This is my first time ever being in Europe, so right off the bat I noticed a lot of cultural differences between myself and the people around me.  I have had other internships before this so it is easier for me to compare and easily spot the differences between a work day in the UK and a work day in the US. Overall, working as an intern in the UK is much more relaxed and more of a, do-as-you-please environment.

One of the first things I noticed working at Monsoon was the casual feeling of the workplace. I used to work for the VP of marketing at a very high end mall in Orange County called South Coast Plaza. The dress was strict, I was paid, and expected to spend every minute doing something vital to the company. I know this is specific to my internship, but the dress is very casual. My supervisor told me that jeans, combat boots, pretty much anything I want was okay to work in. Monsoon is a fashion company that wants to see the creativity and style of its employees. This is something I could appreciate. I don’t understand why jobs in fashion, in some places in the US don’t allow for freedom when it comes to what we wear to work. Another thing I noticed was the laid back feel of the office. All the women I work with are open and welcoming and don’t really have a filter. Which I love. Especially my supervisor’s boss, whom I was very intimidated by at first, is willing to let loose in the office. In one such case she was getting frustrated with a journalist she had been emailing back and forth about a piece she wanted to shoot and yelled out “I wish this wanker would get off ma tits.” I started cracking up, along with the rest of the office. No one at my old job would have dared to say that. In the US it is really frowned upon to complain or moan in any way at work. I’ve had another internship in which I wasn’t paid, but expected to always be working and doing something productive. Here, if there isn’t anything to do, I can sit and read magazines, get other work done, or even leave if I choose to. My employers don’t really mind because I am unpaid and have no reason to be kept here if there isn’t anything for me to do. There are also 5 interns so the work gets spread pretty thin.

There are definitely cultural differences between London and the US, but I really like them. Work places, or at least mine, are a lot more fun to be a part of. Even when I am sick, I still want to come to work because I love it and don’t want to miss a day. If I could work 5 days a week I would.