Culture Appreciation

In Spain by Eller Student

As our time in Barcelona comes to an end I am able to realize how lucky I am for being able to spend two entire months in Spain. Not only was I able to grow professionally but also on a personal level. I was able to gain a lot of knowledge and explore a side of me I didn’t even know existed.

Barcelona gave me the best summer of my life. I met amazing people with who I hope I stay friends for a long time. I was able to develop a sense for appreciating architecture, people, cultures, lifestyles etc. Through my internship; I was able to understand the real kindness of people in the workplace. I was able to grow ethically thanks to my boss who thought us that its not about what you get but about what you give to others that really give you the most satisfaction.

I’m sad this experience has come to an end but I know that in a way this was only the start. I know that what I have learned and what I have experienced will be with me forever. I am glad I was able to make friends that will last a lifetime and I’m extremely happy I got to meet the most amazing group of people during this summer.