Din Tai Fung: a meal worth waiting for

In China by Eller Student

By Jack Padden



It was 8:30 and I was officially starving.  I had now waited in line for an astonishing 2 hours.  Why, you may ask. To experience the gastronomical delight that is Din Tai Fung.  Din Tai Fung is known throughout Asia for it’s Taiwanese style dim sum. Long story short, they do dim sum better than just about anyone.

All I can say is that the line is well worth it. Their specialty, xiao long bao, was ridiculously good and led my group to order them on 3 separate occasions.  We simply couldn’t get enough.  For those of you who have never heard of xiao long bao, myself included.  It’s a dumpling filled with soup and whatever your heart desires (typically pork).  How they cook a dumpling with soup inside it is beyond me.  All I know is that it is truly delicious and I can’t wait to go stand in line again.