Do I have to go home?

In Spain by Eller Student

Living in Barcelona has been such an amazing journey, and there are so many more areas of Spain and Europe that I want to explore. When you visit somewhere for a week or so, you think you’ve grasped what the city is about, however, it’s not until you are fully submersed in their lifestyle that you really understand how everything works. The people here are so proud to be Catalonian’s, but you wouldn’t be able to understand that unless you worked with them or talked to them on your daily commutes on the train.

I feel almost like a local here, I have gotten accustomed to living in Barcelona, doing and saying what the people here do. It took a while to get used to the customs here, but now i’m sure i’ll be going to go back to U of A speaking spanish at restaurants, asking for euros instead of dollars, expect tapas and sangria everywhere I go and will always be saying vale vale.