Easy Travel

In Spain by Eller Student

Today marks 45 days abroad and I can honestly say it has been the most amazing days of my life. Living in Spain has given everyone the opportunity to travel to many places. You can go by train, plane, boat, and bus moving from one country to the next.  It is convenient and the flights are inexpensive. As a group, we have traveled to South of France, Carcassonne, and Costa Brava. Apart from the Dream Careers group, I have also traveled to Venice, Italy.

To this point, Venice has been one of the most mesmerizing cities I have ever been to. Venice is a place where almost everything is interesting, worth looking and buying. With only three days in Venice, I believe we discovered the best of the city. We visited St. Mark’s Basilica and enjoyed a boat trip to the Venetian islands of Murano, Lido and Burano. To complete our whole Venice experience, we had a chance to ride in a gondola, even if it was the most tourist thing to do, it was worth every euro.  Being able to travel to all these amazing places has definitely increased my knowledge and perspective about the world.

Venice, Italy