European Travels

In Spain by Eller Student

I have absolutely loved living and working in Barcelona all summer.  I enjoy exploring the city and fully absorbing the culture as an “almost local.”  That said, one of my favorite aspects of this summer is the ease of access to European travel.  Once in Europe, it’s very easy to travel internationally throughout the continent, and if you look on the right sites at the right time it can be pretty inexpensive!

As a group, the Dreamers, traveled by bus to the South of France to see Carcassone-a famous medieval town.  We also got to see the Dali museum on our way back to Barcelona.  During one of the free weekends, my roommate and I traveled to Milan! As much as I love Barcelona, that was one of my favorite weekends of the whole trip!  We enjoyed sight-seeing (by bike!), eating authentic Italian food, and shopping in one of the fashion capitals of the world!  It was such a gorgeous city filled with such beautiful and well-dressed people!  This coming weekend, my roommate and I will be traveling to a small-town in Germany! We have a packed itinerary with some lake time and many castle visits.  We’ll even get to see part of Austria and Switzerland!  I am really enjoying these free weekends, because I feel like I am able to see such different parts of Europe and really get an idea of the variety of countries and cultures that exist here.  I can’t believe this weekend will be our last one on this side of the world! Time is definitely going by too quickly!

Here’s a picture of my roommate and I biking through the castle in Milan!Bike & the City-Milan!