Fashion Marketer

In Spain by Eller Student

For this blog I wanted to reflect on my everyday experience as a marketing intern for the Spanish fashion designer, Mertxe Hernandez. A typical day for me begins in the morning when walking for ten minutes to get to the train station in Bellaterra. From Bellaterra to Barcelona it takes about another forty five minutes and once I arrive there I walk for about twenty minutes to the Born District. I enjoy that twenty minute walk because I get to see a street full of boutiques and walk by the beautiful cathedral in the gothic quarter.

Once I arrive to the boutique I begin working in social media marketing for her fashion designs while also taking care of the sales at the boutique. My job as a social media marketer entails promoting her clothes and also posting content that would attract more followers.  It is interesting because before I didn’t think about how much companies go into detail with the promotion of their business through social media. There are many aspects to it because my job can vary from taking pictures of the clothing, editing pictures, creating promotional statuses, searching fashion show videos, researching upcoming events in Barcelona and keeping up to date with other fashion designer’s social media. Although I do enjoy promoting the business through social media, my favorite part of my internship is working in sales. Barcelona is such an international city, that our clients tend to be from all over Europe. Working with such an international clientele and trying to persuade them to buy our products is the most interesting part of my job. This experience has helped me understand the importance of social media and has strengthened my sales and marketing skills.