In China by Eller Student

Hong Kong has food on both sides of the spectrum. There are small food stands with plastic tables and chairs and then there are the high end restaurants with ridiculously stunning architecture. The only issue is that in my experience, the food at the plastic tables tend to fill me up more than the food at the expensive places. The expensive places have better food presentation but are twice the price and half the portions.

However, I did discover an exception. During one of the long weekends, I travelled to Macau with a group of “Dreamers” and literally pigged out. “Pigging out” is an understatement. They had all kinds of buffets such as all you can eat seafood hotpot and then there was “FEAST”. Feast was quite expensive coming in at over $40, but was completely worth it. I probably ate more there than I did at the past two Thanksgiving dinners. It felt like I hit the jackpot when I found out they had crab–I literally had 10 plates of just crab. Should have saved my stomach to try other food, but I couldn’t pass up on seafood since I’ve spent my whole life living in Arizona. I completely forgot to try all three chocolate fountains, oops. I’ve never been much of a sweets person, but their desserts, wow

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