The American Intern

In England by Eller Student

Kiley MacKay

Journal Entry #3

10 July 2013


I couldn’t have found this weeks readings more appropriate then what I experienced first hand in my work environment just this a few days ago. Since I have now been working with FashAddict for over four weeks now, my co-workers, boss and, I have all become close and share things with each other that we most likely would not have conversed about during my first few weeks of my internship. Yesterday, my boss Jackie and I were taking a little break from work and bantering back and forth over a cup of tea. As I was sitting there drinking tea with her, she went on to tell me how she was rather worried when she first heard that they were getting an American employ because she had heard horrible things about American interns from friends who had experienced it first hand. Jackie said that they complained how American’s are unnecessarily working (which she said isn’t always a bad thing), but have very strict work schedules, and often tend to opt out of things involving British culture; for example, going to a pub after work, drinking tea while working, learning to have a laugh because Brits are not always serious, not working your self to the ground and so on.


At first I was worried where she was going with this (for fear I was maybe one of those “Americans” she was referring too), but I was extremely relieved when she turned the conversation around into a complement. She said that she and the others I work with are extremely happy with how well I have adapted to the British office and that FashAddict would like to offer me another job next summer and or when I graduate. I was shocked. I am so happy that they have noticed my settle jesters’ to adapt to their culture and working environment. So with that being said, I found this weeks reading on stereotypes and culture to be very entertaining and appropriate for what I encountered this week at work.