Final Goodbye

In China by Eller Student


Hong Kong has provided me with the best experience I could have asked for.  I will admit it now, I was very unhappy the first couple weeks and didn’t like the culture at all.  I knew that I needed to stick it out, and in the long run it paid off greatly.  I learned how to make the best out of each situation and turn it into a learning experience.  Being proactive and staying positive is the only way to truly get the most out each and everything I did.  I knew my parents spent a lot of money for me to be in Hong Kong and they would be disappointed to know I was not taking advantage of the situation.

My last couple weeks in Hong Kong were action packed and full of excitement. Everyday after work I would go and do something different with my coworkers. I ended up loving my colleagues and spending a lot of time with them. All of them were around my age and knew Hong Kong better than I could have ever imagined. My last weekend I went to Macau and saw the Fists of Gold II boxing match at the Venetian. I went with two friend and a coworker from Indonesia. There were eight bouts on the card and everyone was action packed. The final fight was introduced by Michael Buffer who is famous for saying, “lets get ready to rumble!”.  Here is a picture of the fight: (top of page).  I will miss Hong Kong and Southeast Asia quite a bit, I hope to return in the very near future.