Finding myself in big city

In China by Eller Student

One thing that I can tell everyone at this moment is I am ready to go back to the state. After six weeks, I am still not able to count 1 to 10 in Cantonese. Simply, because almost everyone in HongKong is speaking English. However, I can’t see myself adjust to Hongkong condenses population.
I noticed that HongKong perception about personal space is totally different than in the state. People don’t really say sorry when they bumped into you. At first, I thought people are very crude here but I realized, that is the way big cities are. People don’t really have their own personal space in public; so they don’t feel that they invaded other when they bumped into someone.
Beside culture different and language barrier. I also learned about myself. This is my first internship with financial work and it is not like I imagined. However, I found out what I like and don’t like about a work place. Co-workers at work are very nice but I don’t able to make any friend because they all older than me. I realized, I have to work in a place where I’m contently learning.