First Month in Spain

In Spain by Eller Student

After spending my first month in Spain, I’ve enjoyed traveling to see many historic sights. Camp Nou, where the FC Barcelona Soccer team plays was a very cool experience because not only did I get to see an almost 100,000 seat stadium with a passionate tradition, but I also got to learn a different aspect of the sports culture in Spain and how much it varies with the American sports world. Soccer is definitely like a religion over here. This falls directly in line with my hopes for a career in sports marketing/management, and fuels my fire for the industry. I’ve attached a photo of the legendary Camp Nou stadium below!

Another interesting aspect about living in Spain and “becoming a local” after one month is public transportation. It is so heavily used by the citizens here! This is something I haven’t really been exposed to in the United States, and I’ve had to adjust my time management based on the fact that it takes around 40 minutes to get into Plaza Catalunya, which is the main stop in the city.