Foods Culture Difference Between Canton & Hong Kong –by Minglei Yang

In China by Eller Student

800px-HKStyleFrenchtoastHK Style French Toast




Hong_Kong-style_Milk_TeaHK style milk tea

I saw a lot of Hong Kong dreamers were talking about HK style foods in their previous posting. Since my girlfriend lives in Guang Zhou, which is the capital city of Canton, and I visited her very often in the past two years, I am quite familiar with the culture of Canton, especially within foods area.

Dim sum is one of the most famous HK style foods, but actually, Dim sum comes from Canton. There are only few dish of dim sum that really comes from HK, such as Pineapple Bun, Pork Chop Bun, HK Style French Toast and HK style milk tea. Everything within a bamboo steamer is from Canton. For example, the most famous four are Shrimp Dumpling, Shumai, Cha Siu Bao and Egg Tart. The reason that Canton style dim sum are so popular in HK is, most current HK citizens’ parents or grandparents are all from Canton.

Beside from food itself, HK people and Canton people share more similarities rather than difference. For example, no matter in HK or Canton, people who are eating everyday are mostly older people, because they do not have to fight for money like younger people. However, even some younger people want to enjoy dim sum, but they are too busy and do not have time to do so. There is a difference of the schedule of eating dim sum between HK and Canton. Most HK people like to eat dim sum around noon for lunch. On the other hand, Canton people like to enjoy dim sun around 6 to 8 in the morning. In addition, there is a tradition in Canton is that dim sum restaurants also offer dim sum in late night. The schedules for different restaurants are different, but usually between 9 p.m. to 3 a.m. Canton people like to eating and chatting until really late. I like is custom. I will never get hungry when I was in Guangzhou, because I will have problem with finding delicious foods.