Getting my Foot into the Door of British Business

In England by Eller Student

Getting My Foot in the Door:

“Good Things Come to Those Who Wait”


            An age-old adage asserts, “good things come to those who wait”. My rather challenging interview process with Fiumano Fine Art Gallery fervently verifies the validity of this verse. Ironically, the most difficult aspect of the interview wasn’t the actual meeting, but rather physically getting my foot in the door. I was surprised upon landing in London to learn that I would not meet with the supervisor of my internship until the first day of work. Needless to say, I was even more concerned upon arriving the day of the scheduled interview to discover in a quick curt phone call with the gallery owner that the interview would not be occurring until later the next week. However, as the proverb asserts “good things come to those who wait”.

Hinting at her savvy entrepreneurial spirit, Francesca Fiumano, the sole owner of Fiumano Fine Art began her contemporary gallery at the early age of twenty-one. Specializing in British and Italian art, the gallery attempts to interest an international audience in a personal and intimate way. While picking her brain during the interview, I learned that Francesca feels the most successful way to reach, maintain, and motivate clientele is by establishing unique relationships with each of her customers personally. In fact, she ranks networking face to face as a much higher priority over new social media trends such as Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. When questioned about this, Francesca explained that British and European cultures seem to embrace the art world more effectively and more frequently in person than that of American citizens. I wonder if the close proximity to master works of art or more so even the gratuitous nature of London art museums changes European view on art and social media. In America, art is mostly studied and viewed through projected images far from the actual physical works. Therefore, sharing images employing social media or the Internet seems only fitting if not so a “normal” means to share art. However, in Europe in which original art work is so abundantly available, one can see how a minuscule Instragramed photo would not have the same drawl as in the States. I look forward to learning more, not only about this cultural difference, but others as well as the Internship process continues. As the proverb proves “good things come to those who wait”.