HK – A great place to do business

In China by Eller Student

By Kingston Song

After couple weeks living in HK, I begin to have some strong feelings about the city. Despite the fact that HK might not be a wonderful place to live in in terms of its overpopulation problem, HK is no doubt a great place to do business. During the last couple weeks, I have been hearing a lot about HK’s minimum governmental interference in business as well as its combined culture that favors the people from all over the world. Overpopulation is a problem, while on the other hand it’s the huge population living and working in HK that flourishes the city, culturally and economically.

My working experiences so far also contribute to my feelings about HK. I am conducting an Admin and Finance (Voluntary) internship in STI Financial Group, and working for the company is like working in a big family. In such a friendly environment, I get to learn a lot of stuff and at the same time I’m allowed to actually do a lot of things that cultivate my skills. There is a kitchen in the office area, everyone can get food and drinks there in case anyone needs to. I talked with the CFO of the company about it, and she said that money should be spent on employees’ welfare. It only costs a little to get everything in the kitchen, but it actually saves time because employees won’t need to spend half an hour getting a cup of coffee or food in the afternoon.The company also holds parties every month for those whose birthdays are in the same month, and interns are included.

It might not be the same case in other companies, but I do think that there are combined reasons to explain why HK is one of the financial capital of the world. Getting involved in the business in HK is something exciting to do, and that cheers me up when I feel tired.