In China by Eller Student

I’m going to miss the city a lot. That’s what I’ve been saying to everyone these days, and that pretty much summarizes my feelings about this city and everything included in this two-month experiences.

Time flies when people work hard and play hard. Recalling my first day arriving at the airport, I didn’t notice that the remarkable experiences had already begun. Work side, I was amazed how friendly and helpful all my colleges are in terms of teaching me at work and helping me out to settle down. It was my pleasure to work with them, hang out with them and learn from them. My company is the best. I always say this to everyone I know. I really appreciated it how much the company cares about me as an intern. Leo, Fang, William, Ken, Chloe, Claudia, Cyrus, Dave, Dennis, Nick, Sam, Debbi, Konnie, Samson and of course Clement, Moonique and Ron, thank you all and I will miss you all. Life side, I’ve been trying out new things with friends in the program. I love exploring the city as a part of the group. This past sixty days will never be so awesome without any one of you. Thank you my friends, I will miss you all. I will.