HK, in the eyes of a local resident

In China by Eller Student

I got off late last Friday. Fortunately, the CEO of the company had a long meeting and I got the chance to chat with him a little bit after that. He asked me about my feelings of this city, I said that HK is a great place to do business while it is not a nice place to live. He smiled, and what he said in the next five minutes showed me a completely different side of the city from the point of view of a local Hong Kong people.

He said that people living in HK suffer from huge life pressure, because pursuing a good life in this city requires a strong material condition. In other words, you have to earn a lot of money to live well in HK. HK is also a city that can provide you almost anything you want. If you want to take a deep breath and enjoy some quiet time, you can spend a day or two on one of the islands; if you want to experience the crowd, definitely go to the centre of the city. No matter what you do, you have to have money. People think that this is mammonism. Yes, it is. But, this also implies the level of effort people put on their work as well as the desire of leading a good life.

There is no absolute good or bad. However, I do get motivated a lot by Hong Kong people and I admire them for being hard workers.