Hong Kong: The Melting Pot of Asia

In China by Eller Student

Hong Kong Dim Sum

It is amazing how diverse the people and food are in Hong Kong. People from all parts of the world live in the city. Because Hong Kong was first colonized by the British, there are many Europeans who still live in the city to do business. In the district Tsim Sha Tsui, there are a large proportion of  Indians who have made this area their home. Throughout the city you can also see many Asian-Pacific nationalities. All of these different nationalities and cultures living in one city has led to a melting pot of cultures.

This melting pot of culture and nationalities has led to very diverse food in Hong Kong. I have eaten many amazing foods that I never knew existed living in the United States. Things such as Thai, Malaysian, and Indian are some of the various types of food I have tried. They are amazing and completely unique from anything found in the United States.

My favorite food in Hong Kong is Dim Sum. It is not only a food, but a way of dining that gathers everyone around one table to share food and stories. Dim Sum is a feast of very small portions that are meant to be shared with large groups of people. Unlike the US, it is encouraged to sit around and take your time to eat and talk with colleagues and friends.

I am loving my experience in Hong Kong and am sad that it is coming to an end so soon.

-Andrew Finsterwald