Hong Kong: Working in an Emerging Market

In China by Eller Student

Working for Makible 3D printing has been an incredible experience. Not only am I working in one of the largest emerging markets in the world, but I am getting to go hands on with one of the biggest up and coming markets- 3D printing. Makible is currently about to start production for the worlds cheapest 3D printer – the Makibox A6.

As an intern I have become immersed in all aspects of their business cycle. This includes orders, inventory, testing, and production of the Makibox A6. Below is a photo of one of the test prints I made on the printer:



I have also had an active role in the web design on both the front and back end of their new system- designing things like their new order system. Before I came to Hong Kong I had no knowledge of computer programming, but Makible has taught how to write many different programming languages like JavaScript, CSS, HTML, and JQuery.  While I am still very new to development, I look forward to learning more and becoming proficient in programming.

Working in Hong Kong has been a life changing experience and has changed me to have a more globally-focused business mindset.

-Andrew Finsterwald