Horse Racing

In China by Eller Student


Horse racing in Hong Kong is one of the most famous yearly events that gathers people from worldwide to participate. The event is held in June each year for just several nights, and the horses will be taking a rest for the rest of the year and preparing for the next year. In Hong Kong, there is a huge horse racing course surrounded by those towers with an awesome atmosphere.

I went to the horse racing event on last Wednesday, and I really enjoyed the racing, chatting, and even drinking. I met different people such as business men, travelers, students and so on, and they all love sports. As people were talking and drinking, they put down money to bet. I put down 10 HKD and I made the same choice as one of my local friends, and I had a high expectation to win. However, we lost, but I just paid 10 HKD for a really good experience though.