Horse Racing in Hong Kong? Yes!

In China by Eller Student

By Kevin Chai

Hong Kong always has something going on, regardless of the day of the week. Case in point, the Wednesday Horse Races. For the duration of the summer the Happy Valley Horse Track, one of the many horse racing venues present in HK, holds weekly horse races every Wednesday night. These Wednesday night races bring together the sport of horse racing with the lively atmosphere of a block party. How could I miss out on going?

I had never been to a horse race before so I had no idea what to expect. Looking back, I was not disappointed. The horse races were exciting, the crowd was lively, and the weather was perfect making my first time at the races a great one. I think I might have to head back again to get another taste of what Happy Valley has to offer on Wednesday nights.

(The picture seen below is of the Happy Valley Race Track. The picture shows not only the track itself, but some of the urban landscape that serves as a backdrop to the track)