Horse Racing

In China by Eller Student

It was the first time that I watched horse racing and I was astonished. We were so luckily that we could get in the VIP room and had a fancy International buffet. Also we got a balcony that we could go outside to experience the tense atmosphere. It was so nice that there were some professional people can help us with betting. The rule is very simple if you just want to play for fun. I bet 30 HK dollars which were provided by our program. I couldn’t help shouting when I was watching the race. Finally, I “won” 28.5 HK dollars on that race. While, I lost 1.5 HK dollars. But I had a really good time.



Today is July 15th, three more weeks left. Time went so fast that I didn’t even notice. I made four best friends this summer. We were so close to each other. Three of us from the same school, one girl is from Rice University and the other one is from Pennsylvania State University. I will definitely miss them after this program and we will be friend forever.