I am Leaving…

In China by Eller Student

————————————————————————————————————— Xi Luo ————-


     Blog5-2Time went too fast; this valuable, happy summer internship is almost over. I am not willing to leave here; I will miss here soon when I go back to USA. I made ​​some new friends here, tasted a lot of delicious food, and also learned a lot through my work. I am very grateful to my boss and colleagues because they are very friendly, helpful and kind. All of them taught me much. Gradually, I already can expertly and independently finish basic financial statements.

     During the last two weeks, my friends and I went to a lot of places. We experienced the real darkness. We were in the house where no light to complete what we daily need to do. In addition, we went to Mongkok to play the game called “Escape from Hong Kong” which requires us to solve manyblog5-1 passwords to help someone escape from one closed room; we almost won the game, but unfortunately, we didn’t have enough time finally. These two games made ​​me feel the power of collaboration, very warm and happy. Last Saturday evening, we attended “Go Away Party” together; all of us played very happily. I really like this city; it is colorful, fashion, fast-space. Hong Kong is full of opportunities, hope, and competition. I will miss Hong Kong much, and I will miss everyone whom I acquainted here.