I’m not sure how to put my name under this title –Kyle Heitmann

In Spain by Eller Student

I’m different here. I like it. My coworkers and other people I’ve met throughout Spain and France enjoy talking to me because I’m different. I’m not just another European, but not just another American either. I’m something halfway between, and able to draw from both American and European (I used to live in Germany and like to tell people I’m half German, even though I’m not) culture when explaining situations. That means that, even though I’m not the same as everyone here, I’m not so different that communication is impossible. I know I don’t fit into Catalonian culture entirely, but that difference allows my new friends and I to learn from each other as long as we continue to want to do so. It really isn’t about being a local, or even becoming one, because that can never fully happen. But that’s the beauty of the situation.


Anyway, here’s a picture of me in France.

Me in France