Feeling Comfortable

In England by Eller Student

Kiley MacKay

Journal Entry #2

5 July 2013


This week at work was amazing. I am now finally feeling comfortable and productive in my work environment. Currently, FashAddict is working on combining their 5 brand labels into one line. As their marketing and PR intern, I get to play an active role in assisting them with this enormous task. Before this internship, I had never really gotten to do any real PR or marketing for a company first hand. I am daily shocked at how different PR and marketing tasks are then what I imagined they would be from textbooks and second hand accounts. Now that I get to act out these tasks, I can honestly say I am very happy that I have chosen to peruse business marketing in the fall through Eller.

My boss Jackie, assigned me the task this week of creating a story board for FashAddict that would show our buyers and customers how these five very different brands can be brought together as one. I have been working on this all weekend and I get to present it to her on Monday. I am very excited for this unique opportunity and that I will be able to add this to my portfolio. Another amazing thing that I got to participate in this week was meeting with some buyers from a boutique to sell them some of our stalk product. I personally think that this is one of the coolest things that I have gotten to do in my internship because I am very interested in sales and hope to go on to be a Medical Sales Device Rep. when I graduate from University. All in all, I have been learning so many life skills and I am looking forward to what I can do and will continue to learn in the future.