Bigger Responsibilities

In England by Eller Student

I’m struggling in the best way possible.  It’s difficult to put into words, but I feel ecstatically happy that Rohina thinks I’m knowledgeable enough to entrust me with client cases to review and make decisions about on my own but at the same time I don’t feel ready to be handling such big responsibilities.  Everyone is amazing and willing to help me understand anything I’m having trouble with, but I don’t want to be the intern that’s always asking how to do things.  This week, Rohina gave me two side projects to work on in between reviewing the bad debt cases.  I was really excited to finally have my own desk and log-in, but once I started it felt like I didn’t remember how to do anything.  I also got the task of creating the new member pamphlet from Lucky, our CEO, when I first started working there.  I’ve finished a rough draft of it, but it looks like absolute crap.  I want it to look amazing and fulfill all of his requirements, but I have such little experience in marketing that I don’t know how to approach this project. I’m kind of stressing over how to get it done while leaving a good impression.  This internship is amazing and I’m learning so much but it’s all kind of piled on too quickly and I’m feeling overwhelmed.  I know I’ll feel better after a few days once I get used to having real responsibilities but damn this week was hard.